Oversized Turkish Towel *TIE-DYE*

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Feel right at home no matter where you are with our collection of 100% bamboo Oversized Turkish Towels.  Now in a beautiful tie-dyed color palette finished with a knotted fringe. These towels have been uniquely hand-dyed and no two pieces are alike. Woven with a smoother and more lightweight texture, they are the softest towels we offer and create a luxurious bath and beach experience.

Perfect for a day at the beach or pool, after a bath or shower, as a sarong, at home as a blanket, or even for the cool nights by the campfire.

  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Resistant to mildew
  • Dries fast
  • Wash less often

The unique weave dries quickly and is naturally antibacterial so it will never have that damp towel smell.  It's cozy and dries faster, and has the ability to change function as you go about your day. These towels are incredibly absorbent yet lightweight, allowing them to be folded up quite compact and easy to pack into a purse, backpack or travel bag.

Dimensions: 180 cm x 100 cm
Made in Turkey